May Fit Blast! Getting Started

I’m so excited to have you join me for the May Fit Blast! Use the links below to access the Getting Started Guide and the basic Nutrition Guide before I send it over to you via Email.
All of our communication (including where you will receive the workouts) will be through email,
so make sure you get your preferred email address to me if you used a different one through paypal for checkout!
I have a few getting started tasks I want you to complete before we get going on Monday, May 1st!
  • Let me know if you want the emails for this month sent to a different email address of yours than the one you used for the PayPal signup. I know paypal email address can be different than your preferred email.


  • If you have a Facebook account, join the private Fit Blast Facebook group if you haven’t already! (This isn’t required, it’s just an added bonus.) Once you’re in there, introduce yourself! I want to hear about your life, where you’re from, what your goals are for this month, etc.


  • Complete the tasks described in the Getting Started Guide PDF. This will be so important if you’re driven and motivated by personal results. Please please please do these, especially the photos.You’ll be so happy you have them to see your progress.


  • Think of the goals you want to accomplish for this month. I want you to set a small goal each week to work towards to keep your motivation on track and stay accountable to yourself. If you want us to help hold you accountable for your goal, post what you’ll be working towards this week in our Facebook group!


  • Make sure you have the required equipment for the HOME workouts if you are signed up for them! If you don’t already have these things, you can find them at the links below, or check your local Target, Walmart, Ross, TJMaxx, or any sports/fitness store.
            Stability Ball
            Loop Resistance Bands
            Dumbbells (8 to 10 lbs is good to starting dumbbell weight for beginners, but if you don’t have access to dumbbells, I can help you get creative with objects around the house!)
Email me if you have any other questions.
Otherwise, you will hear from me soon!