Summer 2017 Challenge!

The Jill K Summer Fit Challenge starts July 3rd!

Stay motivated and accountable through the rest of the summer with the 8-week Jill K Summer Fit Challenge! 

Join the challenge, and you’ll receive:

  • Your personalized daily calorie/macronutrient goal to follow, as well as instructions, tips, and tricks to hit your food intake goal each day.
  • Weekly motivational and instructional emails to help keep you moving forward and answer many FAQs you may have throughout the 8 weeks.
  • Silverfern probiotics to help keep your gut health in check.
  • The chance to win weekly prizes for participation, and the chance to win one of the 3 grand prizes at the end of the challenge!
  • Meal plans every 2 weeks to customize to fit your calorie needs.


Make sure you’re also signed up for the JULY FIT BLAST to receive workouts for the month of July!



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