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    I've been fit blasting every month for the last eight months! I have seen so many changes in myself: physically, emotionally, and in my confidence.  Since January, I've lost 16.8 pounds and around 12 inches. I've also seen muscles develop that I either never knew about. In addition, my confidence is better, I feel less insecure, my mood is more stable, and I feel comfortable pushing myself a little further.
    One of the less visible benefits of this program is that it encourages you to challenge yourself harder, which is why I love the level one, two, and three layout. I started at level two and did fine, but when I got to a point where I could do level three with 15 or 20 pound weights, I felt so strong.   The workouts are easy to follow and I like that she includes brief explanatory videos.
    I like that that workouts are under 45 minutes and I get a lot done in that time. I also love the Facebook group. Normally, I'm anti-Facebook groups, but the ladies there are some of the most supportive people one can find. There have been times where I've been sad, discouraged, or felt like I wasn't making a lot of progress, but the comments and the posts from other people boost my spirits and remind me there are others chugging along with me.
    I'm grateful for fit blasts. They helped me reach my goal and then some. Jill is the best! She's good at creating workouts that make you work for it, but is also really supportive and helpful to answer questions or concerns.
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    I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found Jill’s workouts or the most supportive, positive women through the Fit Blast private FaceBook Group. I started my quest for healthier living due to some health problems. But after committing to doing Jill’s home workouts, which take around 30 minutes each, 5 days a week, and following her nutrition recommendations, I can solidly say my health is now excellent. In 5 months I’ve lost 20lbs, 19.75 inches but have gained confidence and online friends whose support is unlike anything I’ve ever found before! As for the price, I don’t think I could afford to NOT buy her Fit Blast programs every month. I feel like I am getting the best deal of my entire life!
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    My goal was to feel good about myself again by my babies 1st birthday. For some, that may seem like a long time to get back in shape after having babies. The first 9 months I was still trying to learn how to sneak in a shower and cook dinner in one day. Without your program I wouldn't have even begun the process of getting back in shape by their 1st birthday. It was exactly what I needed. I was reminded that I feel SO much better about life when I am getting in a workout and eating healthy. Surprisingly, I have more energy throughout my days even though I am not getting any more sleep than before! I look forward to my workouts and I have completely changed my relationship with food. Thank you! Thank you!
    Mother of Twins
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    I started Jill's Fit Blast workouts in September 2015 after following her Instagram page for quite some time. I absolutely love the style of her workout plans--lifting, cardio and HIIT's with instructional videos for every exercise! Not only are her workouts great, but so is her support, guidance and advice throughout the program. I would recommend her Fit Blast's to anyone at any fitness level!
    RYANN S.
    Mother and Loyal Fit Blaster
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    I am currently finishing my third Fit Blast in a row and plan to start my fourth! These Fit Blasts were exactly what I needed to get back into a regular workou routine and lose some extra post-partum weight. It has given me motivation, accountability, and rekindled my love for exercise and eating healthy. I llove that Jill's at-home workouts require minimal equipment and never take me longer than 40 minutes. These exercise programs WORK. I have lost inches, gained muscle, and I am not wearing my clothes that were once too small for me. I am a die hard Fit Blaster fan!
    Mother and Loyal Fit Blaster
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    I love that this is my 6th month doing Jill's workouts, and she is somehow still getting me sore!
    Mother & Full Time Office employee